About me

Greetings from Switzerland!

My name is Philippe and I was born & raised in France near Paris by my Polish family before moving to Switzerland.

Philippe Caves Ouvertes Vaud 2017

Enjoying some Swiss wine during Vaud’s Caves Ouvertes in June 2017

I currently live in Geneva and work in Nyon for the satellite operator Inmarsat as a Market & Competitive Intelligence Analyst in the Aviation Business Unit, helping aircraft connect to the internet. You can read more on that on my Experience page and I write about Business best practices on my blog.

I graduated with highest honors as the class of 2016 valedictorian from EPF École d’ingénieurs near Paris with a Master’s Degree in Engineering Management specializing in Business Decision Engineering. I also hold a Bachelor’s Degree in General Engineering from EPF. More details on my Education page.

I am currently the Polish ambassador to Mundo Lingo in Geneva, a language exchange event which combines two of my passions: Flags & Linguistics.

Philippe Tarasiuk Ambassador Engineer Analyst

I am greatly interested by craftsmanship and particularly enjoy learning about how suits, shoes, ties, pocket squares, pens and watches are made. You can read my Classical Menswear articles for me information.
I post on Instagram and tumblr daily pictures of my outfits.

You can easily reach me on Twitter and LinkedIn or by email through my contact me page.