On Neckties – Why & How to wear a tie

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My opinion on ties

I find it too bad that some people view neckties as a symbol of servitude or even enslavement.

Of course if one’s only interaction with neckties is to randomly grab one in the morning and tie it on because they think they don’t have a choice, that’s very unfortunate.

One could rather consider neckties for what they are – a scarf – and see it as an indispensable element of the lounge suit. Not because of social constraints but because neckties provide vertical structure, colours, textures & patterns that will bring balance to the whole outfit. It’s fluidity and asymmetry (both from the knot and the blades) can also add some life to an attire.

A Short History of Ties


How I wear neckties

I wear both bow ties and ties. I usually tie the latter with a Four In Hand knot which I find suiting for any occasion.