Me next to the Jet d'Eau in sunny Geneva

For a few years now, I’ve been posting my daily outfits on Instagram and on tumblr as well as putting together paper guides on topics such as how to shine your shoes or how to tie a bow tie for my friends and colleagues.

I’ve been getting more and more followers by the day & the requests for guides start to pile up.

One of my colleagues recently told me she hopes her 8 year old son grows up to be a gentleman like me: always willing to help & please and smartly dressed. Being thought of as a role model might be one of the best compliments I have received. So after being done blushing, I decided to start blogging.

What is this blog all about?

Philippe.Tk is focused on the Gentleman’s Lifestyle and especially looking at:
  • Classic Menswear

    • This is the continuation of my Instagram account and will include reviews of the brands that I’ve been using or that I’m discovering thanks to this blog.
    • High level guides (How to shine your shoes, How to tie a bow tie, etc).
  •  Traveling

    • My life is split between Geneva, Paris & Kraków. In each of these cities I naturally have my favourite boutiques, thrift stores, cobblers, (alteration) tailors and other menswear-related places. I’ll naturally be sharing them with you and reviewing them on this blog.
    • I’m also often in London and Milano, both for my day job and for my Instagram/blogging adventures. I’ll be sharing my favourite places there and report on the people I meet & the products I see there.
    • I am also thinking of reviewing the hotels I stay in, to see if they are Gentleman Compliant or not, so that my readers can safely book a room there.
  • Culture & History

    • You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover (even though it’s usually how you know what it is about) and I think it is important for someone who strives to be a gentleman to educate themselves in matters of culture and history.
    • My Instagram followers already know that I like to share, from time to time, the story of inspiring personalities (especially Polish ones) as well as how I dress for certain occasions, events & celebrations. I’ll be able to expand a bit more on those thanks to this blog as well as reviewing and recommending movies, books and music that I like.


Head over to the blog page to see my most recent articles.

About me

TK in stands for the first and the last letters of my family name. TK also happens to be the TLD of Tokelau, an island country in the southern Pacific Ocean where the income from .tk domain names represents a sizable part of their economy.

In my offline life, I’m an engineer specialised in Business Decision Engineering (more on that on my Education page) and I work for a satellite operator, to help connect airplanes by satellite (see my Experience page).

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, comments or if you want to work with me.

Kind regards,
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