Master’s Degree in Engineering Management – Business Decision Engineering

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I graduated with highest honors as the class of 2016 valedictorian from EPF École d’ingénieurs near Paris with a Master’s Degree in Engineering Management specializing in Business Decision Engineering.

Philippe Graduation

The Engineering Management major provided us with the knowledge and the necessary tools to understand companies from a geopolitical, strategic, marketing and financial point of view. It used a systemic approach to address the different methods for optimizing a company’s processes. Company IT systems were studied to control these processes.

The management part of the Business Decision Engineering specialization provided us with the fundamental basics in Economics, Strategic Management, Marketing, Negotiation, Communication and Finance.

The technical part of the programme focused on Information Systems Security, Quantitative Marketing/Data mining and Business Intelligence courses.

Bachelor’s Degree in General Engineering


The Bachelor’s degree curriculum covered practically every field of engineering, including aeronautics, business engineering, telecommunications, civil engineering, environmental , bio-systems engineering, computing, production, and industrial logistics.

The programme also includes courses on varied aspects of the business world: administrative, legal, economic and human issues, staff development: working methods, self-awareness, and communication.

I was top of my class in Algorithms (C), Object-Oriented Programming (Java), Numerical Tools (Excel & Matlab) and English.

Projects :

  • PAWT: Rogue-like game inspired by Gauntlet, using randomly generated maps by implementing Bresenham’s line algorithm in C.
  • STAFF: Crowd motion simulation software in Java
  • Rpy42: Prototyping of a case for the RaspberryPi (3D Printing)

Studied disturbance vectors for collision attacks against SHA-1 based on Stephane Manuel’s thesis with a team of six other students.